PCSSD - Board Meeting Agenda: February 12, 2019

Board Meeting Agenda: February 12, 2019

Regular Meeting of the PCSSD  Board of Education Meeting

6 p.m., Tuesday, February 12, 2019

PCSSD District Office
925 East Dixon Road
Little Rock, AR 72206


I. Call to Order - Dr. Linda Remele

II. Roll Call - Tina Ward

III. Pledge of Allegiance

IV. National Anthem - Maumelle High School Choir Ensemble

V. Public Comments

VI. Certified P.P.C. Presentation

  1. Proposed Bonus

VII. Classified P.P.C. Presentation

VIII. Reports

  1. Construction Updates
  2. Update/Virtual School - Rachel Blackwell
  3. Financial Update - Denise Palmer
  4. Volkswagen Diesel Settlement - Charles Blake
  5. School Board Training Reports - Dr. McNulty

IX. Action Items - Old Business

X. Action Items - New Business

  1. School Board Legal Liability Proposal for Insurance - Denise Palmer
  2. School of Opportunity (Driven Blended/Virtual) Consultant - Rachel Blackwell
  3. Purchase Service Agreement 2018-2019 - Stephanie Cole

XI. Comments from the Board

XII. Superintendent's Comments

XIII. Superintendent Evaluation

XIV. Consent Agenda

  1. Certified Personnel
  2. Support Staff Personnel
  3. Jan 2019 AP check register
  4. Expulsion Recommendation
  5. Expulsion Recommendation
  6. Expulsion Recommendation
  7. Go Guardian Renewal
  8. Elite Medical Renewal for 2019-20 School Year (Consent Agenda)
  9. Purchase Service Agreement Renewal (2019-20): Arkansas Pediatric Facility is an Intermediate Care Facility (APF) (consent agenda)
  10. Purchase Service Renewal 2019-20 School Year: Communications Plus Interpreter Services, Inc. (Consent Agenda)
  11. Purchase Service Renewal 2019-20 School Year: World Services for the Blind (Consent Agenda)
  12. Purchase Service Renewal 2019-20 School Year: Personal Care Services: Lillie Herring, RN (Consent Agenda)
  13. Purchase Service Renewal 2019-20 School Year: Autism in Motion (AIMS) Clinics, LLC (Consent Agenda)
  14. Board Minutes 1-8-19 and 1-17-19

XV. Student Hearings

  1. Expulsion Recommendation Appeal Hearing
  2. Expulsion Recommendation Appeal Hearing

XVI. Adjournment

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