PCSSD - PCSSD Board Agenda for April 2012

PCSSD Board Agenda for April 2012

New Business

  1.  Revision of Board Policy, JE-R, Student Attendance.  First Reading.
  2.  Disposal of old band uniforms at Mills High School.
  3.  Disposal of old band uniforms at North Pulaski High School.
  4.  Review Financial Audit for fiscal year ended June 30, 2011, and approve corrective actions related to findings.
  5.  Generator and electrical needs for Central Office.
  6.  Wireless Infrastructure for Mills High School and Fuller Middle School.
  7. USDA Notice of Equity in School Lunch Pricing implementation.
  8. Revision of 2012-2013 PCSSD Parent/Student Handbook for Student Conduct and Discipline.
  9. Amend Board Policy, DGA, to authorize Electronic Transfer of Funds.  First Reading.
  10. COBRA Administration Contract for Insurance Products not administered by EBD.
  11. Fiscal Distress Improvement Plan
  12. Revise Section X (G) of the Parent/Student Handbook for Student Conduct and Discipline.
  13. Combine job duties (Mechanical and Electrical Systems Supervisors) and change job title.
  14. Hire an additional Custodial and Grounds Area Facilitator (PTS, Range 9)
  15. Roof replacement for Robinson High School.
  16. Roof replacement for Sylvan Hills Elementary Media Center.
  17. Revision of Board Policy EF, Food Services.  First Reading.
  18. Revision of Board Policy EFC, Free and Reduced Price Food Services.  First Reading.
  19. Revision of Board Policy JLCF-R, PCSSD Student Health Form.  First Reading.

Consent Agenda

  1. Summary of District Operations for March 2012
  2. Personnel
  3. Award of Bids
  4. Bills for Payment
  5. Financial Report
  6. Fiscal Distress Report
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