PCSSD - 7.18 Disposal of Non-Negotiated Checks or Unclaimed Property

7.18 Disposal of Non-Negotiated Checks or Unclaimed Property

State law specifies how the district is to dispose of retained funds in the form of issued but non-negotiated checks that have been not been presented for payment within one calendar year. The district shall dispose of these retained funds in accordance with the law and remit the amount of all non-negotiated checks to the Unclaimed Property Division of the Arkansas Auditor’s Office.

The district shall make a good faith effort to return physical items that have been left on district property to their rightful owners. When contact information is known for the owner of an item of a non-perishable nature left at the district, the district shall use the information to attempt to contact the owner to inform him/her of the location of the item. Owners of such items shall be given at least three weeks1 to pick up the item he/she left at the district. If the owner fails to pick up the item within the time allotted, the district may dispose of the item in a manner of its choosing.

The district is under no obligation to retain an abandoned, perishable item left on district property.



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Date Adopted:  11/14/17