PCSSD - 7.12 Expense Reimbursement

7.12 Expense Reimbursement

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish regulations controlling reimbursement of expenses incurred by personnel and District officials in carrying out their authorized duties. Persons who travel at District expense will exercise the same economy as a prudent person traveling on personal business and will differentiate between expenditures for business and those for personal convenience.

The requirements of this policy shall govern reimbursement for expenses related to travel and/or attendance at conferences and professional development activities incurred by district employees and/or members of the Board of Directors on behalf of the district. Employees are only eligible for reimbursement for travel expenses for travel which has been approved in advance. Original receipts must accompany all requests for reimbursement to the extent that such receipts are customarily available. For a receipt to be valid it should contain the name of the issuing company, the date, and the amount. No cash advances shall be made for travel. Mileage, lodging, and meal expenses will not be reimbursed when incurred for the personal convenience of the employee and not required by the reason for the travel. All airline travel will be economy class.  The use of a charter airplane and helicopter service is not authorized or recognized as a legitimate travel expense.

To the extent practicable, employees shall have the district pay initial conference and professional development registration fees and associated necessary materials. In the occasional circumstances where this is not practical, the district shall reimburse the employee for such fees if they were authorized in advance and are supported with proper receipts. 

The district will not reimburse expenses of any non-school board member or non-employee who accompanies the school board member or employee during his/her school related travel.

Reimbursable Expenses

Mileage that is driven for a district sanctioned purpose in an employee’s personal vehicle shall be reimbursed provided appropriate documentation is submitted establishing the date and time, place, and purpose of the travel. Mileage shall be reimbursed at the current rate authorized by the state/IRS and shall be based on the shortest, most reasonable, route available.

A daily per diem rate will be paid for travel requiring overnight lodging.  The General Service Administration (GAS) per diem rates established for destinations within the Continental United States for meals and incidental expenses will be used for reimbursement.  Meals and incidental expenses for the first and last day of travel will be reimbursed at 75% of the daily per diem rate.  There will be no meal reimbursement for one-day trips.

Meal expenses incurred by the superintendent or other administrators as necessary, in the performance of their duties when meeting with state officials or consultants may be reimbursed on a prorated, per person basis in line with the mandates of this policy. Such expenses shall only be reimbursed when the expenditure is likely to result in a tangible benefit to the district.

Travel necessitating overnight lodging shall be reimbursed to the extent that it is not lavish and is reasonable based on circumstances of the expenditure. Proper documentation establishing the date and time, place, and purpose of the travel must be submitted along with a receipt for the overnight accommodations. To the extent practicable, employees shall receive assistance from administrators or their designee in arranging travel plans to help keep expenses to a minimum.

Expenses not covered

The district shall not reimburse the following items/categories of expenses.

  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Entertainment expenses – including sports or sporting events; pay per view or game expenses at motels;
  • Replacement due to loss or theft;
  • Discretionary expenses for items such as clothing or gifts;
  • Medical expenses incurred while on route to or from or at the destination of the reason for the travel; and
  • Optional or supplementary insurance obtained by the employee for the period covered during the travel.

Credit Cards

Employees may use a District Travel Card (P-card) for travel expenses.  The use of personal credit cards will be recognized as payment of travel.  The District does not and will not assume any responsibility for the payment of charges on a personal credit card to the credit card companies.

Airport Associated Expenses

Upon the arrival at their destination, employees are expected to use the service resulting in the lower cost to the District.  Usually this would be the limousine service unless several employees are traveling together.  Taxi or limousine fares are to be explained, showing points of travel.  Receipts for taxi or limousine fares of $3 or more are required.

In lieu of limousine or taxi, employees are eligible to be reimbursed at the state/IRS rate for use of a personal car to and from the airport plus a reasonable amount for airport parking on trips not exceeding four days.  Receipts for airport parking of $10 or more are required.



Cross References:

  • 3.20—Certified Personnel Reimbursement of Travel Expenses
  • 8.14— Classified Personnel Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

Date Adopted:  10/10/72


  • 02/12/80
  • 01/11/83

Last Revised: 11/14/17