PCSSD - 7.10 Public Use of School Buildings

7.10 Public Use of School Buildings

It is the policy of the Board that District school buildings may be used by citizens of the District to conduct lawful meetings for social, civic, or recreational purposes provided such meetings do not interfere with the regular school work and proper protection is afforded the district against the potential costs of such use. The Superintendent shall be responsible, with Board approval, for establishing procedures governing such use of school buildings. The governing procedures shall be viewpoint neutral. Building principals shall be consulted to determine if there exists any conflict with planned school activities prior to other groups being allowed to use school facilities.


The District shall establish a fee schedule for the school facilities the District intends to make available for public use. The fee schedule shall be individualized for each school facility and shall be based on a formula that allows the District to reclaim the actual costs incurred by the District from the use of the facility.


School facilities that do not appear on the District’s fee schedule shall not be available to the public.


The District shall also require any non-school related group using a district facility to provide proof of having purchased sufficient active and current general liability insurance to cover the damage to, or the cost to entirely replace the structure(s) and furnishing(s), if necessary due to the loss of, or damage to, District property.


Organizations using school facilities assume full and complete responsibility for the conduct of all persons, regardless of age, associated with their use of the facility while they are in or about the facility. Smoking or the use of tobacco or products containing tobacco in any form or the use of drugs or intoxicants is prohibited. Firearms of any kind are not allowed on school property unless the person carrying the firearm is permitted to do so by law as defined in A.C.A. § 5-73-120 or the individual has a valid conceal carry license and leaves the concealed handgun in the individual’s locked vehicle.

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Date Adopted:  11/14/17

Revised: 2/2/18