PCSSD - 7.4P: Funding Proposals, Grants and Special Funding

7.4P: Funding Proposals, Grants and Special Funding

The Superintendent or his/her designee may apply for grants or special funding for the District. Any grants or special funding that require matching District resources shall receive Board approval prior to the filing of the grant’s or special resource’s application.

The Board will be kept informed of all possible sources of state and federal funds and other funds outside the regular District budget. The Superintendent is directed to seek and utilize those resources which are consistent with the advancement of the educational program and the policies of the Board. To ensure coordination and avoid confusion in making application and developing proposals for special grants, all preliminary preparation for state and federal applications will be directed through the office of the Director of Federal Programs, and applications for other funds will be directed through the Learning Services Division. Proposals for special grants will be submitted to the Superintendent for approval by the Board before any action is taken that commits the District to the proposal.


Date Adopted: 01/11/83

Last Revised:  11/14/17