PCSSD - 7.30P Authorized Signatures

7.30P Authorized Signatures

The Board directs that each check issued by the District be signed by the disbursing officer of the Board of Directors as determined by the Board at its annual organizational meeting and by the superintendent of the school district. As provided by law, signatures of both the disbursing officer and the superintendent will be made by machine. The Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs/Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for appropriate use and safe housing of the machine. Disbursement of funds may also be made by electronic transfer of funds if initiated by the school district and authorized in writing by both the disbursing officer of the board of directors and the superintendent of the school district.


Adopted:  10/10/72


  • 01/11/83
  • 5/08/12

Last Revised:  11/14/17

Legal References:   School Laws of Arkansas 6-20-403; 6-17-910; 6-17-912—913; 6-17-918—919

Manual Adoption:   2/8/00