PCSSD - 7.23 Health Care Coverage and the Affordable Care Act

7.23 Health Care Coverage and the Affordable Care Act


“Dependent”, for purposes of this policy, means an employee’s child (ren) and/or spouse who are enrolled by the employee in health care coverage through the District’s health care plans.

“Full-time employee”, for purposes of this policy, means an employee in a position requiring on average thirty (30) hours of actual performance per week during the annual school year.

“Responsible individual” means a primary insured employee who, as a parent or spouse, enrolls one or more individual(s) in health care coverage through the District’s health care plans.

"Variable hour employee", for the purposes of this policy, means an individual who has no base minimum number of hours of performance required per week.

Health Insurance Enrollment

All full time District employees are eligible to enroll themselves; their spouse, so long as the spouse is not otherwise eligible for insurance through his/her employer's sponsored plan; and their child(ren) in one of the insurance plans through the Public School Employee Life and Health Insurance Program (PSELHIP). Variable hour employees are not eligible to enroll in a PSELHIP plan. If a variable hour employee’s measurement period finds that the employee averaged thirty (30) or more hours per week, then the employee is treated as a full time employee rather than a variable hour employee and is eligible for health insurance. Coverage for new employees who choose to enroll in a PSELHIP plan shall take effect on the first of the month following the date on the enrollment application.  Employees who experience a Qualifying Status Change Event have sixty (60) days from the date of the Qualifying Status Change Event to file an application to change coverage information. All employees who continue to be eligible may elect to continue coverage and make changes to their PSELHIP plan for the following plan year during the yearly open enrollment period.

District Contribution to Premiums

At a minimum, the District shall distribute the statutorily required contribution rate to all employees who are enrolled in one of the PSELHIP plans, which shall include any mandatory increases to the contribution rate due to increases to the salary schedule. In accordance with the State Health Insurance Portability Rules (SHIP), the District shall continue to pay the premium contribution for an employee who transfers to another Arkansas school district that also participates in the SHIP through August 31 of the calendar year the employee leaves the district so long as the employee:

  1. Completes his/her contract with the District;
  2. Provides the District with notice that the employee is transferring to another district;
  3. Provides the District with proof of employment at another Arkansas district; and
  4. Has the employee portion of the premium deducted from his/her end-of-year checks.

Measurement Method of Employee Hours

Option 1: The District uses the look-back method for determining if an employee qualifies as a full-time employee.


For all full-time employees who are enrolled in a PSELHIP plan, the District shall indicate in box twelve (12) of the employee’s Form W-2 the cost of the employee’s health care coverage by using code “DD”.

IRS Returns

The District will electronically file with the IRS by March 31 of each year the forms required by the IRS on the health insurance coverage of each full-time employee for the previous calendar year, whether or not the full-time employee participates in a health insurance plan through the PSELHIP.

Statement of Return

The District shall send to each full-time employee a Statement of Return (Statement) regarding the IRS Return filed on the employee. The Statement shall contain: The District’s name, address, and Employer Identification Number (EIN) as well as a copy of the IRS Return filed on the employee. The District shall send a copy of the Statement to the employee on or before January 31 of the calendar year following the calendar year the information in the Statement covers. The District shall send only one Statement to the household of an employee who meets the definition of a responsible individual that will include all requisite information for both the responsible individual and the responsible individual’s dependent(s). The Statement will be mailed to the employee’s address on record.

Record Retention

The District shall maintain copies of the Statements sent to employees in accordance with the requirements for documents transmitted to the IRS in Policy 7.15— Record Retention and Destruction.



Cross Reference:    7.15—Record Retention and Destruction

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Date Adopted:  11/14/17