PCSSD - 7.21P2 Naming Facilities

7.21P2 Naming Facilities

(New and Existing) The Board recognizes the school as a focal point for the community serving both as an educational institution for its citizenry and as a builder of community spirit and tradition. The Board believes that the importance of the school is enhanced when the community has opportunity to suggest names it feels appropriately identifies its school facilities and provides inspiration for its students. The Superintendent is directed to develop regulations which will provide community input to the Board in selecting a name for a new school, a new service facility, a part of an existing facility and, if community sentiment so directs, the renaming of a facility.

  1. Purpose: To establish guidelines for the Board to receive suggestions for the naming of school facilities
  2. Personnel affected: Central office and building administrators


In the naming of school facilities, the Board will consider names falling within the following criteria:

  1. Names providing geographic identification
  2. Names not in conflict with names of other District schools or of those in areas or counties in close proximity to the District
  3. Names of persons not presently employed by the District
  4. Names of presidents, statesmen and heroes of national fame; governors, statesmen and heroes of Arkansas fame
  5. Names of local educators and community and civic leaders who have made significant contributions to education in the Pulaski County Special School District and who possess certain personal attributes. Evidences of such contributions and personal attributes may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Unusually effective and dedicated service to or on behalf of students in the District
    2. Persistent efforts to sustain a quality system of public education for all youth and to improve programs and services for them
    3. Demonstrated understanding of the essential nature of public education in the perpetuation of a democratic form of government and the free enterprise system
    4. Excellent character and general reputation


When a new school is to be named or when the Board receives a request for the naming or renaming of an existing facility, the Superintendent will appoint a committee to initiate names to submit or to consider and make recommendation on proposed name changes. The committee will include one (1) District administrator; the principal of the school or the principal of the nearest like school; one (1) teacher, three (3) patrons and one (1) student from the area served by the facility. A member of the Board will serve as chairman of the committee. The committee will compile a list of not less than three (3) names nor more than five (5) names or make its recommendation in regard to renaming a facility to the Superintendent who will forward the list or recommendation to the Board. The Board will make the final selection of the name from the list submitted by the committee, or, in the case of naming or renaming an existing facility, consider the committee’s recommendation.



Date Issued: 3/8/83

Revised:  11/14/17

Issuing Office: Superintendent