PCSSD - 7.21P1 Facilities Planning

7.21P1 Facilities Planning

The Board directs that the construction, expansion, renovation and closing or school facilities be accomplished in a manner which will promote and maintain a desegregated fiscally and educationally sound educational environment which will provide exceptional children (handicapped and gifted) with facilities to meet their special needs and educational requirements.

  1. New schools will be located in areas proximate to areas of integrated residential development or on sites that are equally accessible to both black and white students. A school may be located in a predominantly black residential area as a means of achieving balance in capacity with schools that previously were constructed in predominantly white residential areas.
  2. No new school will be constructed unless the enrollment from the contiguous attendance area established or contemplated for the school is reasonably projected to be within + or - 20 percent of the district wide percentage of black or white students by organizational level (i.e., elementary, junior high, senior high). In no event will a new school be constructed if the projected minority enrollment is less than 10 percent.
  3. School renovation will be undertaken as necessary to insure that all school facilities in all areas of the community served by the District are of comparable quality.

Equal access to similar facilities will be provided all affected students when school facilities are closed. The burdens of displacement will be shared equitably. The effects of any proposed school closing on integration in the District will be carefully researched and considered prior to a decision.



Adopted:  11/13/84

Revised:  06/9/87

Last Revised:  11/14/17

Legal References: School Laws of Arkansas 6-15-101; LRSD v. PCSSD, 778 F.2d 404 (8th Cir. 1985); U.S. District Court orders of March 4, 1987, and March 20, 1987

Cross References: PCSSD Implementation Plan (March 1986); PCSSD Administrative Desegregation Plan (June 1986); PCSSD Student Assignment Plan (March 1987)

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00