PCSSD - 7.20 Electronic Fund Transfers

7.20 Electronic Fund Transfers

District funds shall only be disbursed by the district treasurer upon the receipt of checks or warrants signed by the District Board of Directors' Disbursing Officer and the Superintendent or through the electronic transfer of funds. Any electronic transfer of funds must be initiated by the District and authorized in writing by both the Disbursing Officer of the school district Board of Directors and the Superintendent.

For the purposes of this policy, "initiated by the District" means the District controls both the timing and the amount of the funds transfer.

The district treasurer shall maintain evidence of authority for the disbursement in the form of invoices, payrolls that conform with written contracts on file in his/her office, or other appropriate documentation indicating an authority to disburse District funds.

"Other appropriate documentation" includes one-time, signed authorization for recurring transactions. The Board of Directors Disbursing Officer must pre-authorize the electronic transfer of funds for non-recurring transactions which can be accomplished by a signed authorization or an email authorizing such a disbursement of funds.


Cross Reference:    1.16 —Duties of Board Disbursing Officer

Legal References:

  • A.C.A. § 6-13-701(e)
  • Commissioner's Memo Com-12-036

Date Adopted:  11/14/17