PCSSD - 6.9 Media Relations and News Releases 

6.9 Media Relations and News Releases 

It is important that the District maintain good relations with the media. The Superintendent or his/her designee shall devise and implement a plan for the release of pertinent information to the media regarding educational programs, awards, or other student and staff achievements, and special events. The plan shall not require schools to clear the release of public service announcements through the District Administration prior to their release, but may require schools to obtain the approval of the Director of Communications prior to the release of any statistical type data. 

The District shall attempt, within reason, to accommodate media requests for interviews and shall endeavor to be fair and impartial in its treatment of media representatives. 

The release of information to the media shall be done in a timely manner, either by written releases or by telephone interviews, to keep patrons abreast of newsworthy District achievements and shall strive to be factual and objective with personal opinions duly noted. 

The Board encourages students and staff to participate in academic competitions and programs. Awards earned in such endeavors shall be communicated to the media. Award recipients may also be recognized at Board meetings. 

Date Adopted: 10/10/17 
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