PCSSD - 6.4 School Volunteers (IJOC)

6.4 School Volunteers (IJOC)

The Board recognizes that citizens who voluntarily contribute their time and talents to the enrichment and improvement of the public schools are valuable assets. The Board, therefore, welcomes and encourages adult and student participation in volunteer activities within the District. Services of volunteers will be accepted in the schools and Administrative office to perform appropriate tasks under the direction and supervision of professional personnel. Recruitment, utilization, coordination and training of volunteers are the responsibility of the school administration and will be carried out as directed or delegated by the Superintendent. Every effort will be made to utilize volunteer resources in a manner which will ensure maximum contribution to the welfare and educational growth of students.

Enlisting the support of volunteers is a way in which the District can expand the scope of resources and knowledge available to enrich the students’ educational experiences, while strengthening the relationship between the school and the community. Volunteers can also perform non-instructional tasks that allow licensed personnel more time to devote to instruction.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining a program to coordinate the services volunteers are willing and able to contribute with the needs of District personnel. The program shall establish guidelines to ensure volunteers are aware of pertinent District policies and rules. Volunteers who violate school policies or rules, or knowingly allow students to violate school rules may be asked to leave the school campus. The guidelines should also include provision for evaluation of the volunteer program and a method for soliciting suggestions from both the volunteers and staff for its improvement.

Additionally, all coaching volunteers must:

  1. Be at least twenty-two (22) years of age; and
  2. Meet the requirements adopted by the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) to volunteer for any athletics program for grades seven (7) through – twelve (12).


A member of the board of directors of the District or the spouse of a member of the board of directors of the District may not be a registered volunteer for the District unless a majority of the disinterested members of the Board of Directors approves a resolution for the board member or board member’s spouse to be a registered volunteer. The resolution approving the board member or board member’s spouse to be a registered volunteer shall be effective for only one (1) school year.


A volunteer may not act as a head coach in all varsity junior and senior high sports administered by the AAA.


Background Checks for Volunteers

Clear background checks for school volunteers are required prior to any volunteer service to the school district, school, teacher, or classroom, and all clear check volunteers will be issued special volunteer identification to wear prominently when performing their volunteer duties; no person may serve as a volunteer without wearing the provided identification.

For the purposes of this policy, “clear background check” shall mean that a background check was performed, as adopted by PCSSD, and that a potential school volunteer has not committed any of the crimes or offenses contained in the online volunteer/visitor manager system, as amended, with regard to the National and Arkansas background check, and whose name is not found on the National Sex Offender Registry or Child Abuse Registry; and The Arkansas Educator Licensure System does not indicate the potential volunteer to:

  • Have a currently suspended or revoked educator’s license; or
  • Be the recipient of a current Level 3 or Level 4 public notification of ethics violation.

A person wishing to volunteer in a capacity that requires a background check may not perform volunteer services requiring a background check until a clear background check is received by the District. Once received, a clear background check is good for one year; a background check renewal must be applied for and a clear background check received prior to the time of renewal or an interruption of permitted volunteer service could occur. A clear background check will be accepted of any individual wishing to volunteer provided it was conducted within the timeframe provided for in this policy.

The Application for an initial background check may be made through the school administrative office. The District will incur the fee charged for performing the initial check and any renewal checks.

A person who failed a previous background check may petition the Board for a waiver from this policy's requirement. The petition shall be accompanied by a signed authorization for disclosure of his or her entire criminal and child abuse registry history. In deciding whether to grant a waiver, the board may take into consideration:  the circumstance or circumstances surrounding the act or omission that lead to the conviction, Child Abuse Registry true finding, or the receipt of the Level 3 or Level 4 Public Notification of Ethics Violation:  the age of the person at the time of the act or omission:  the length of time that has passed without reoffending:  and other relevant circumstances. If the Superintendent recommends a waiver be granted, the Board may adopt a resolution by majority vote providing an exception to this policy's requirement for a time period not to exceed one year. The board must consider this matter in open session, and may not confer or deliberate in closed or executive session.

  1. board shall not have the authority to waive the application of this policy to any potential volunteer who is a Registered Sex Offender or whose educator license has been revoked or is currently suspended.

No information relating to the application for or receipt of a criminal background check, including that a background check has or has not been applied for, shall be subject to disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, as provided by A.C.A. §§ 12-12-1601 et seq. Requests for background checks and reports on background checks obtained under this policy shall be retained by the district for a minimum of three years.

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Adopted: 3/8/83

Last Revised: 2/17/18

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00