PCSSD - 6.30P Freedom of Information Act Requests

6.30P Freedom of Information Act Requests

The district shall comply with the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. The district shall charge the requestor the actual costs of reproduction, including the costs of the medium of reproduction, supplies, equipment, and maintenance, but not including existing district personnel time associated with searching for, retrieving, reviewing, or copying the records. The district shall also charge the actual costs of mailing or transmitting the record by facsimile or other electronic means. 

The district may, at its discretion, agree to summarize, compile, or tailor electronic data in a particular manner or medium and may agree to provide the data in an electronic format to which it is not readily convertible. Where the cost and time involved in complying with the requests are relatively minimal, the district will provide the data as requested. However, if the time involved exceeds two hours of personnel time, the district will charge the actual, verifiable costs of personnel time exceeding two hours associated with the tasks, in addition to copying costs. The charge for personnel time shall not exceed the salary of the lowest paid employee or contractor who, in the discretion of the district, has the necessary skill and training to respond to the request. An itemized breakdown of charges shall be provided the requestor. The District reserves the right to waive the fee once per calendar year per requestor. 

Date Adopted: 12/10/13 
Last Revised: 10/10/17