PCSSD - 6.3 Public Gifts and Donations to the Schools

6.3 Public Gifts and Donations to the Schools

I. Purpose:  To establish guidelines to govern the acceptance of gifts to the schools 

II. Personnel Affected:  Superintendent, Administrative Staff and School Principals

The District and the Board of Education may receive monetary gifts or donations of goods or services that serve to improve or enhance the goals of the District. Any gifts to the District become the property of the District and are subject to the same regulations as any other District owned property.

It is a breach of ethical standards and a violation of Arkansas law for any Board member, administrator, or District employee to receive a gift of any kind in return for employment with the District, or to influence the award of any contract or transaction with the District. All personnel shall examine the “reasonableness” of any gift or donation against its potential for real or perceived violation of the aforementioned ethical standards before accepting any gift or donation in the name of a school or the District.

The Board reserves the right to not accept any gift or donation that would not contribute to the attainment of District goals or that would obligate the District to unacceptable outlays of District resources. The administration shall present for Board consideration and approval any gifts or donations the administration deems could so obligate the District.

The Board will strive to honor the donor’s intent regarding gifts earmarked for a specific purpose; however, laws and District’s needs change with time and the District reserves the right to adjust the use of any gift to meet current needs of the educational program.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee to act as the District’s official representative for all school-affiliated online fundraisers.


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Manual Adoption:  2/8/00

Date Adopted:  8/8/17

Last Revised: