PCSSD - 6.10 Sex Offenders on Campus (Megan’s Law)

6.10 Sex Offenders on Campus (Megan’s Law)

The PCSSD School District shall work with area law enforcement in a manner consistent with applicable state law and Arkansas Department of Education Regulations to communicate the presence of a sexual offender. When necessary, law enforcement may contact building principals to provide information concerning registered sex offenders. The decision regarding the school principals to be notified rests solely with law enforcement officials; law enforcement officials use a rating system to determine who needs to be notified, which is according to the sex offender’s dangerousness to the community.


In turn, building principals should notify any employee who regularly in a position to observe unauthorized persons on or near the school’s property in the ordinary course of employment. Employees notified could include any of the following:  aides, bus drivers, coaches, maintenance staff, professional support staff, school level administrative staff, security personnel, teachers’ assistants, and teachers.


It is important that school personnel who receive sex offender notifications understand that they are receiving the sex offender notifications in their official capacity and are not to disseminate information about an offender to anyone outside the school. If school personnel are asked about notification information by an organization using school facilities, the organization should be referred to the area law enforcement agency that issued the notice.


Persons not to be notified, except at the specific discretion of area law enforcement officials, include members of parent-teacher organizations, other schools, organizations using school facilities, students, parents or guardians of students, and the press. District personnel may inform the press about procedures that have been put in place and other general topics, but may not reveal the name or any other specifics regarding an offender.


A parent or guardian who is a Level 1 or Level 2 sex offender shall be allowed to enter the school campus to attend parent-teacher conferences or any other activity that is appropriate for a parent, guardian, or community member.


Level 3 and Level 4 sex offenders may only enter the school campus in the following instances.

  1. The offender is a student attending school in the district;
  2. To attend a graduation or baccalaureate ceremony:
  3. It is a non-student contact day according to the school calendar or no school-sponsored event is taking place on campus;
  4. The offender is a parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the district and goes directly to the school office to have school personnel deliver medicine, food, or personal items for the student;
  5. The offender is a parent or guardian of a student and enters the school campus where the student is enrolled to attend a scheduled parent-teacher conference and the offender is escorted to and from the conference by a designated school official or employee.



A Level 3, but not a Level 4, sex offender may attend a school sponsored event for which an admission fee is charged or tickets are sold or distributed if the sex offender:

  • Is the parent or guardian of or is related by blood or marriage within the fourth (4th) degree of consanguinity to a student enrolled in the public school; and
  • Notifies the administration of the school in writing at least twenty-four (24) hours before the start of the event that he or she will be attending the event.


A Level 3  and Level 4 sex offender who is the parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the district and who wishes to enter the school campus in which the student is enrolled for any other purpose than those listed above, must give reasonable notice to the school principal or his/her designee. The principal or designee may allow the sex offender to enter upon the campus provided there is a designated school official or employee to escort and supervise the sex offender while they remain on campus. The sex offender shall not enter upon the school campus until such time as a designated school official or employee is available.


Copies of the notification from law enforcement should be kept in a secure place accessible to teachers and staff, but should not be posted on school bulletin boards or made available to students or members of the community at large.

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Date Adopted: 10/10/17
Last Revised: 2/1/18