PCSSD - 6.1 Communication Goals

6.1 Communication Goals

The single most significant factor in student achievement is the teacher. The teacher’s effectiveness is greatly enhanced when supported by the school community as a whole, the student’s home, and the community at large. The Arkansas General Assembly and the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education have demonstrated their understanding of the importance of involving such groups by repeatedly mandating their inclusion in the educational system and process. Communication with staff, parents, grandparents, legal guardians, business, and community members is fundamental to increasing their concern for, and involvement in, raising student achievement. 

Communication should be two-way between the District and the public. The communications program shall strive to:

  1. Increase mutual understanding, trust, and support between the District and parents, business, and the community as a whole;
  2. Keep District staff regularly informed of upcoming District programs and events as well as noteworthy staff and student accomplishments to enable all the staff to help promote positive public relations;
  3. Create and disseminate brochures, flyers, and fact sheets that will help parents and community members better understand school policies and procedures and acquaint them with areas where their volunteer services are most needed;
  4. Inform legislators of the accomplishments of the District’s students and staff, as well as how proposed legislation could affect the district;
  5. Maintain good relations with the news media and provide the media with pertinent news releases; and
  6. Increase the participation of parents, grandparents, legal guardians, business, and community members in school activities and programs.

The Board will appoint committees, when appropriate, to help the District examine issues facing it. Such committees may include members of the public, students, parents, and school employees, as well as members of the Board. Members may serve until the committee makes its non-binding recommendations to the Board. 

Any committee, which includes among its members a member of the School Board, shall operate according to the requirements of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.*

The District’s Board of Directors shall hold a meeting by October 15 of each year to provide a report that systematically explains the District’s policies, programs, and goals to the community. The District’s report shall detail the progress of the District and the District’s schools toward accomplishing program goals, accreditation standards, and proposals to correct any deficiencies. The report shall be made available to the public, including by posting a copy on the District’s website under State-Required Information no later than ten (10) days following the meeting. The meeting shall provide parents and other members of the community the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions concerning the District’s program.


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Date Adopted:  10/10/17

Revised: 8/16/18

Last Revised: 6/26/19