PCSSD - 5.9 Computer Software Copyright

5.9 Computer Software Copyright

The District shall observe copyright laws governing computer software reproduction.  Unless specifically allowed by the software purchase agreement, the Copyright Act allows the purchaser of software to:

  1. Make one copy of software for archival purposes in case the original is destroyed or damaged through mechanical failure of a computer. However, if the original is sold or given away, the archival copy must be destroyed;
  2. Make necessary adaptations to use the program; and/or
  3. Add features to the program for specific applications. These improvements may not be sold or given away without the copyright owner's permission.

The District shall abide by applicable licensing agreements before using computer software on local-area or wide-area networks.


Legal Reference:    17 USC § 117    Amended Dec. 12, 1980

Adopted: 4/10/84

Revised: 4/14/09

Last Revised:  12/12/17