PCSSD - 5.46P Adult Education Program Administration

5.46P Adult Education Program Administration

The Board authorizes the District to participate in the Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program and the General Adult Education (GED) Program as administered and funded by the Division of Workforce Education Department of Career Education of the Arkansas Department of Education. ABE and GED programs at the District level will be administered through the Division of Learning Services and responsibility for financial functions will be in the office of Business Affairs. The Board is committed to programs for out of school youth and adult unless participation incurs excessive financial obligations from public school funds or handicaps the District’s regular school program as far as facilities are concerned.


Legal Reference: School Laws of Arkansas 6-16-309

Adopted:  10/10/72

Revised:  01/11/83

Last Revised:  12/12/17

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00