PCSSD - 5.43P Citizenship / Values Education

5.43P Citizenship / Values Education

I. Purpose: To provide and establish procedures to guide school officials and to protect students in the exercise of their First Amendment rights

II. Personnel affected: Building level administrators and classroom teachers

The Board recognizes the commitment to the ideals and principles of our democratic society and encourages the development of high qualities of citizenship. To encourage loyalty to the United States and emphasize the responsibilities of citizenship, the following citizenship education activities will be made available to District students at the appropriate grade level on a regular basis:

  1. Learning and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Learning and singing the National Anthem
  3. Listening to or reading stories about famous Americans and/or famous historical facts and events which foster respect for and understanding of the multicultural, multi-ethnic society which is part of our heritage
  4. Participating in student government activities
  5. Participating in a wide variety of local, state, and national government classroom simulations that include, but are not limited to, mock elections, mock trials and/or mock legislature
  6. Participating in patriotic exercises and observances in the classroom and/or in conjunction with school programs and events as deemed appropriate for the occasion
  7. Participating in any other activities that will lead to making students aware of their increasing responsibilities as citizens of our democratic society with respect for the laws of the land and the rights, opinions, beliefs and personal worth of their fellow men in a multicultural, multi-ethnic society


  1. Students have the right to participate in or abstain from such exercises as the flag salute, oaths or pledges, anthems, and religious observances. Students who refrain from such exercises may remain seated or stand outside the classroom. Students have the responsibility to respect the choice of those who choose to participate or abstain from such exercises. Teachers, parents and students have the responsibility to express to principals, for appropriate action, their religious or ethical objections to participating in selected features or class activities.
  2. The Pledge of Allegiance and/or National Anthem will be broadcast over the school intercom at the beginning of the school day. Administrators or office personnel will be designated to broadcast the pledge and/or anthem.
  3. Teachers have the right to participate in or abstain from such exercises as the flag salute, oaths or pledges, anthems and religious observances. Should a teacher not want to participate, he may remain seated or remove himself from the classroom. If a teacher chooses to leave the classroom, the principal will provide supervision for the students during the pledge and/or anthem.



Adopted: 4/12/88

Revised:  12/12/17

Date issued: 5/10/88 Issuing office: Division of Learning Services

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00