PCSSD - 5.42P Multicultural Education

5.42P Multicultural Education

The Board recognizes that the society of the United States is representative of varied ethnic backgrounds, countries, heritages, cultures, races, creeds, colors and languages. The Board also recognizes the importance and the contributions each population has made to the society of the United States. To insure that each student develops a broader knowledge, understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, the Board makes a commitment to the concept of multicultural education. Multicultural education is an interdisciplinary educational process which includes curriculum development, curriculum review, development, direct classroom use, parent/community involvement and education, and teacher training. Multicultural education is not to be regarded as a separate area to be added to the curriculum. Rather, it is a process and perspective which will be integrated and infused throughout all subject areas at the K-12 grade levels in the total school environment. This process will include the adoption and revision of student learning objectives/outcomes. The total school environment will include but is not limited to the following areas:

  1. Teaching styles and strategies
  2. Student learning styles
  3. Staff-student-parent relationships
  4. Testing, evaluation and assessment
  5. Instructional materials
  6. Formalized curriculum and hidden curriculum
  7. Counseling program
  8. Parent/community input and involvement
  9. Staff behavior
  10. School life and culture
  11. Languages and dialects of the school


Adopted: 11/8/88

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00