PCSSD - 5.3P Curriculum Development/Adoption/Review

5.3P Curriculum Development/Adoption/Review

The Board encourages and supports the professional staff in its efforts to provide an on-going program of curriculum development and evaluation involving teachers, administrators, parents, other patrons and students. Sequential curricula should be developed for each subject area. Curricula are to be aligned with the curriculum frameworks and used to plan instruction leading to student proficiency on the Arkansas’ Academic Standards. Curricula should be in alignment with the District’s vision, mission, goals, and educational philosophy. Student achievement is increased through an integrated curriculum that promotes continuity and a growth in skills and knowledge from grade to grade and from school to school. Therefore, the Board desires that unnecessary duplication of work among the various grades and schools be eliminated and that courses of study and their corresponding content guides be coordinated effectively. The Superintendent is authorized to set up curriculum committees for review of each curriculum area

  • to address the continued relevancy, adequacy, and cost effectiveness of individual courses and instructional programs and
  • to ensure each area is aligned with the current curriculum frameworks and course content standards approved by the State Board of Education.
  • to organize instruction by units and select new instructional materials.

The District shall implement a monitoring process to ensure that the instructional content of each course offered is consistent with the content standards and curriculum frameworks approved by the State Board of Education. The Board reserves the right to approve new programs before they are added to the curriculum.

Cross References: Professional Negotiations Agreement

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Manual Adoption: 2/8/00

Adopted: 3/13/84

Revised: 6/9/09

Last Revised:  8/16/18