PCSSD - 5.22P Concurrent Credit

5.22P Concurrent Credit

A ninth (9th) through twelfth (12th) grade student who successfully completes a college course from an institution approved by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) will be given credit toward high school grades and graduation at the rate one (1) high school credit for each three (3) semester hours of college credit.  To receive replacement credit for graduation, the school’s principal must approve the college course prior to enrollment. If prior approval is not sought or granted, the concurrent college course will be credited as a career focus elective and will be applied toward graduation requirements as a career focus elective. As permitted by the ADE Rules Governing Concurrent College and High School Credit, a student who takes a three (3) semester hour remedial/developmental education course, shall receive a ½ credit for a high school career focus elective.  The remedial/developmental education course cannot be used to meet the core subject area/unit requirements in English and mathematics.

Participation in the concurrent high school and college credit program must be documented by a written agreement between:

  • The student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) if the student is under the age of eighteen (18);
  • The District; and
  • The publicly supported community college, technical college, four-year college or university, or private institution the student attends to take the concurrent credit course.

Students are responsible for having the transcript for the concurrent credit course(s) they’ve taken sent to their school in order to receive credit for the course(s). Credit for concurrent credit courses will not be given until a transcript is received.   Students may not receive credit for the course(s) they took or the credit may be delayed if the transcripts are not received at all or in a timely manner time, or at all; this may jeopardize students’ eligibility for extracurricular activities, graduation, or honor distinction.

Students will retain credit earned through the concurrent credit program that was applied toward a course required for high school graduation from a previously attended, accredited, public school.

A student eligible to receive free or reduced price meals shall not be responsible for any of the costs for the student’s first six (6) concurrent credit hours so long as the concurrent credit courses are taught on the District grounds and by a teacher employed by the District. Any and all costs of concurrent credit courses beyond the six (6) hours permitted, that are not taught on the District’s campus, or are not taught by a teacher employed by the District are the responsibility of the student.  Students who are not eligible to receive free or reduced price meals are responsible for any and all costs associated with concurrent credit courses.



Legal References:  

  • A.C.A. § 6-15-902(c)(2)
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Adopted: 11/8/05

Revised: 11/19/07

Last Revised:  12/12/17