PCSSD - 5.20 District Website

5.20 District Website

The Pulaski County Special School District shall maintain a web page to provide information about its schools, students, and activities to the community. This policy is adopted to promote continuity between the different pages on the district website by establishing guidelines for their construction and operation.

The Pulaski County Special School District website shall be used for educational purposes only. It shall not create either a public or a limited public forum. Any link from any page on the District’s site may only be to another educational site. The website shall not retain identifying information about visitors to its website nor shall any such information be given to “third parties.” Any data collected shall be used solely for the purpose of monitoring site activity to help the district improve the usefulness of the site to its visitors.

Each school’s web page shall be under the supervision of the school’s Web Master and the District’s website shall be under the supervision of the District’s Web Master. They shall have the responsibility for ensuring that web pages meet appropriate levels of academic standards and are in compliance with these guidelines and any additional administrative regulations. To this end, the District and School Web Masters shall have the authority to review and edit any proposed changes to web pages to ensure their compliance with this policy. All such editing shall be viewpoint neutral.

District and school web pages shall also conform to the following guidelines:

  1. All pages on the District’s website may contain links only to educational sources except on a single page designated for such.

  2. The District’s home page shall contain links to existing individual school’s web pages and the school home pages shall link back to the District’s home page. The District’s home page may also include links to educational extracurricular organizations’ web pages which shall also link back to the District’s home page.

  3. Photos along with the student’s name shall only be posted on web pages after receiving written permission from the student’s parents or the student if the student is over the age of eighteen (18).

  4. No web page on the District website may contain public message boards or chat rooms.

  5. All web pages on the District website shall be constructed to download in a reasonable length of time.

  6. The District’s home page shall contain a link to an acceptable use which must be placed in a clear and prominent place and manner.

  7. With the exception of students who may retain the copyright of material they have created that is displayed on a District web page, all materials displayed on the District web site are owned by Pulaski County Special School District.

  8. Included on the District’s web site shall be:

  1. Local and state revenue sources;

  2. Administrator and teacher salary and benefit expenditure data;

  3. District balances, including legal balances and building fund balances;

  4. Minutes of regular and special meetings of the school board;

  5. The district’s budget for the ensuing year;

  6. A financial breakdown of monthly expenditures of the district;

  7. The salary schedule for all employees including extended contract and supplementary pay amounts;

  8. Current contract information (not including social security numbers, telephone numbers, personal addresses or signatures) for all district employees;

  9. The district’s annual budget;

  10. The annual statistical report of the district;

  11. The district’s personnel policies;

  12. The annual School Performance Report;

  13. School-Level Improvement Plan; and

  14. The School District Support Plan.;

  15. Student discipline policies;

  16. Student services plan;

  17. The District financial policies;

  18. Student handbooks;

  19. The Annual Report to the Public; and

  20. The parent, family, and community engagement plan.

The information and data required for items A through K in 9 above shall be the actual data for the previous two (2) school-years and the projected data for the current school-year.

Before July 15 of each year, the District shall post on its website the following information:

  • The dyslexia intervention programs used during the previous school year that were specifically responsive to assisting students with dyslexia;

  • The number of students during the previous school year who received dyslexia intervention; and

  • The total number of students identified with dyslexia during the previous school year.

The District and District Webmaster are responsible for ensuring all District webpages meet required standards to be accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Cross Reference: 5.2—Planning for Educational Improvement

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Adopted:  12/12/17

Revised: 2/1/18

Last Revised:  10/09/18