PCSSD - 5.17P2 Graduation Exercises

5.17P2 Graduation Exercises

  1. Purpose: To establish guidelines for determining student eligibility to participate in graduation exercises.
  2. Personnel affected: Senior high school principals and counselors responsible for graduating students.

The Board believes that public schools reflect society’s intent to promote not only development of the individual but the community good as well. It further believes that the community should share in the recognition of those who have completed the educational programs of the schools. The Board, therefore, directs that publicly celebrated graduation exercises be held. Appropriate graduation programs will be planned by senior high schools and conducted within the time frame established through the current school year calendar. At these programs awarding of diplomas will be by a Board member(s), the Superintendent, or the Principal. All students having met regulations established by the Superintendent may participate in the graduation ceremonies.

Determination of Eligibility

  1. Any student who has completed seven (7) semesters of schooling in grades 9-12 and who has earned a minimum of twenty and one-half (20 ½) units of credit will be considered eligible to participate in graduation exercises after completion of the eighth semester.
  2. Students who complete the eighth semester and do not meet the twenty and one-half (20 ½) unit requirement at the end of the seventh semester will be allowed to participate if credit requirements are completed at least one week prior to graduation. Proof of completion in all course work must be verified and documented by school personnel.
  3. Students who plan to graduate early (less than eight (8) semesters), must meet the same provisions as stated in number two (2) above.
  4. Beginning with the graduating class of 2010 – 2011, students must complete all graduation requirements that are in effect at the time of graduation to be eligible to participate (walk) and receive their diploma at graduation ceremonies.


Adopted:  6/8/82


  • 11/9/82
  •  6/12/90
  • 7/17/97
  • 1/09/07
  • 9/11/07

Last Revised:  12/12/17

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00

Issuing office: Superintendent