PCSSD - 5.14P Homework

5.14P Homework

I. Purpose: To provide a guide to be used in the assignment of homework

II. Personnel affected: Building level administrators and classroom teachers

The term homework refers to an assignment to be prepared outside of class or an assignment which requires further individual work in the study hall or the home. The Board recognizes homework as an important part of the educational process and directs that homework assignments meet, at a minimum, the following objectives: improvement of learning processes; aid in mastery of skills; and the creation and stimulation of interest on the part of the students.

General Guidelines

  1. Homework will be used as a learning activity increasing in complexity with the maturity of the student. With increased maturity, learning should become a more independent activity. Meaningful assignments will be used to encourage students to investigate for themselves and to work independently as well as with others. As the student advances through school, it is reasonable to expect that the amount of homework may be increased, but care should be exercised in terms of the amount given and the time required for each assignment.

  2. Instructions for homework assignments will be clear and specific so that the student may complete the work. All homework will involve some type of follow-up and evaluation; the work will be checked for errors and corrected to provide prompt feedback and reinforcement.


  1. Homework will not require use of materials or equipment not readily available in most homes, school libraries or public libraries and should require the use of those materials and equipment only after the student has had instruction in their use.

  2. Homework will not be used as a form of punishment under any circumstances.

Adopted: 7/9/85

Last Revised: 8/16/18

Date issued:  7/9/85    

Issuing office: Division of Learning Services