PCSSD - 5.5P Textbook and Software Selection and Adoption

5.5P Textbook and Software Selection and Adoption

I. Purpose: To establish guidelines for district-wide textbook and software selection designed to provide the highest quality instructional materials reflecting alignment with the state standards as well as multiethnic, multicultural concepts; to establish the process for the selection of instructional materials utilizing personnel and patrons; to establish responsibilities of personnel and provide direction for their carrying out their tasks.

II. Personnel affected: Central office and building level instructional staff

  1. Voting Committee

    1. Membership: The Director of Elementary and Secondary Education will appoint district-level committee members to insure a voting committee reflecting racial balance. Teachers will volunteer to serve and those selected by each principal will be submitted. Principals will submit their list after consulting with departmental chairpersons and appropriate teachers. The committee will be composed of one classroom teacher from each elementary/secondary school, two principals (respective of grade level), and one patron. The Coordinator of Multicultural Education/Pathwise will also serve on the Voting Committee. This selection will be comprehensive enough to assure representation of all teaching elements affected by the adoption selection.
    2. Responsibilities of Voting Committee Members: The voting committee members will evaluate all materials. Individual members will not contact publisher representatives for sample copies nor receive them except as approved by the Division of Learning Services.
  2. Selection Process

    • Selection of the materials will be by a majority vote of the voting committee on a secret ballot.

  3. Approval Process

    • The recommendation of the textbook selection committee will be presented to the Board for adoption upon recommendation of the Superintendent.

Date issued: 8/21/84
Date reissued: 8/9/88
Last reissued: 2/1/18