PCSSD - 5.11  Digital Learning Courses Policy

5.11  Digital Learning Courses Policy


For the purposes of this policy

“Blended Learning” is education in which instruction and content are delivered through supervised instruction in a classroom and online delivery of instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace.

“Digital Learning” means a digital technology or internet-based educational delivery model that does not rely exclusively on compressed interactive video (CIV). Digital learning includes online and blended learning.

“Highly Qualified Teacher” means a teacher who holds at least a Bachelor’s Degree and has demonstrated subject area competence in each of the core academic subjects in which the teacher teaches. A highly qualified teacher that delivers digital learning courses under these rules is not required to be licensed as a teacher or administrator by the State Board of Education. This definition, however, does not override the fact that Federal laws or regulations may require teachers in certain subject areas to hold a teaching license (e.g., special education teachers who teach core academic subjects).

"Instructional Materials" means:

  1. Traditional books, textbooks, and trade books in printed and bound form;
  2. Activity-oriented programs that may include:
    1. Manipulatives;
    2. Hand-held calculators;
    3. Other hands-on materials; and
  3. Technology-based materials that require the use of electronic equipment in order to be used in the learning process.

“Online Learning” is education in which instruction and content are delivered primarily over the Internet. The term does not include print-based correspondence education, broadcast television or radio, videocassettes, compact disks and stand-alone educational software programs that do not have a significant Internet-based instructional component.

Digital Course Offerings

PULASKI COUNTY SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT shall offer one or more digital learning course(s) through one or more District approved provider(s) as either a primary or supplementary method of instruction. The courses may be in a blended learning, online-based, or other technology-based format and shall be tailored to meet the needs of each student.

All digitally offered courses shall meet or exceed the State Board of Education's curriculum standards and requirements and be capable of being assessed and measured through standardized or local assessments. Additionally, the PULASKI COUNTY SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT shall ensure there is sufficient infrastructure to handle and facilitate a quality digital learning environment.

As an approved digital learning provider, the PULASKI COUNTY SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT shall annually determine which created digital learning courses the district will provide to our students. The PULASKI COUNTY SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT may also choose to provide digital learning courses by contracting with outside providers of such courses, who have been pre-approved by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE). The School Board shall determine the provider method or combination of methods for the District. The Superintendent shall ensure that all digital learning courses provided to District students, regardless of the source of the course, have been approved by ADE.

District created digital courses and any digital courses the district purchases from outside providers shall adhere to the guidelines for the use of digitally transmitted copyrighted materials set forth in Policy 5.8‑USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS as well as applicable statutory requirements.

The PULASKI COUNTY SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT shall require all outside providers to incorporate Policy 5.8 as a condition of the service contract. Failure of the outside provider to abide by Policy 5.8 shall constitute a breach of contract and the outside provider shall be responsible for any costs resulting from such breach.

Students must apply to take digital course(s) at the beginning of FALL SEMESTER and beginning of SPRING SEMESTER. A student’s parent/guardian must sign the application.

Students withdrawing after the first day of the second nine weeks, of a semester, of class will receive Withdrew Passing (WP) or Withdrew Failing (WF).

Students withdrawing from a course before the end of a semester will not be eligible to enroll in the same course during the school day until the next semester.

Students may take TWO digital learning courses per semester. Each student will be required to complete 60 clock hours in order to be eligible for semester credit. Each student will be required to complete 120 clock hours in order to be eligible for year-long course.

All coursework and semester exams must be completed by the designated date or set by the Cyber Academy Coordinator. All grades (passing or failing) will be posted to the student's transcript. Incomplete coursework will be recorded on the high school transcript as “F” for grades 9-12.

PULASKI COUNTY SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT is responsible for providing all instructional materials for each student who enrolls in a District approved digital learning course.

Regardless of any other provisions of this policy, the PULASKI SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT may restrict a student's access to digital courses when the student's school principal determines the student’s participation in such a course would not be academically appropriate based on the student's past performance in digital courses. Furthermore, the student's school principal may revoke a student's eligibility to continue taking a digital learning course if the student's performance during the semester indicates the student is not succeeding in the course.

*Clock hour requirements under this policy will not apply to exceptions provided under School of Innovation waivers for students enrolled in personalized learning courses beginning with 2018-2019 school year.


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Legal References:
A.C.A. § 6-16-1401 et seq.

Date Adopted:  8/8/17

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