PCSSD - 4.8 Make-up Work

4.8 Make-up Work

Students who miss school due to an excused absence shall be allowed to make up the work they missed during their absence under the following rules.

  1. Students or parent/guardians are responsible for asking the teachers of the classes they missed what assignments they need to make up. 
  2. Teachers are responsible for providing the missed assignments when asked by a returning student or the student’s parent/guardian.
  3. Students or parent/guardians are required to ask for assignments on the student’s first day back at school or their first class day after their return.
  4. Make-up tests are to be rescheduled at the discretion of the teacher, but must be aligned with the schedule of the missed work to be made up.
  5. Students shall have at least one class day to make up their work for each class day they are absent, at the discretion of the teacher. 
  6. Make-up work which is not turned in within the make-up schedule for that assignment shall be graded at the discretion of the teacher.
  7. Students, or the parent/guardian of elementary students, are responsible for turning in their make-up work without the teacher having to ask for it.
  8. Students who are absent on the day their make-up work is due must turn in their work the day they return to school whether or not the class for which the work is due meets the day of their return, at the discretion of the teacher.
  9. As required/permitted by the student’s Individual Education Program or 504 Plan.

Work may not be made up for credit for unexcused absences unless the unexcused absences are part of a signed agreement with the principal.  

Students who are found to be out of designated area, and in violation of this rule the 2nd time, will not be allowed to make up major classroom test.  Students will be allowed to make up worked missed for the first suspension or any suspension of two (2) days or less. Work missed while a student is expelled from school may not be made up for credit and students shall receive a zero for missed assignments.

In lieu of the timeline above, assignments for students who are excluded from school by the Arkansas Department of Health during a disease outbreak are to be made up as set forth in policy. 

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Date Adopted: 6/11/85

Last Revised: 8/11/15

Manual Adoption 2/8/00