PCSSD - 4.58 Food Sharing and its Removal From Food Service Area

4.58 Food Sharing and its Removal From Food Service Area

Food Sharing Table

The District has no food sharing system for food items other than milk and juice.2 Students who do not intend to drink milk or juice received as part of a meal may place the milk/juice in a designated ice-filled cooler located at the end of the service line where another student may retrieve it at no charge. Milk and juice may not be taken by another student unless the carton is unopened and was completely covered by ice while in the cooler. A student may not return to the cooler to place for sharing or retrieve an item after the student has left the service line.

At all times, the cooler will be under the supervision of the food service staff. Remaining items should be discarded at the end of the meal period, and no item is to remain in the cooler for longer than four (4) hours.

Removing Food Items From the Food Service Area

At the end of the meal period, a student may leave the cafeteria with up to 4 school provided whole fruit or whole vegetable food items. Students may not remove from the cafeteria milk, juice, or any other item requiring a temperature controlled environment.

Except for food service workers as required by their job duties, District employees may only remove school provided food items from the food service area when required by a 504 plan or a student’s IEP.

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Date Adopted: 8/11/15

Last Revised: 8/30/16

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00