PCSSD - 4.48: Video Surveillance and Other Student Monitoring

4.48: Video Surveillance and Other Student Monitoring

The Board of Directors has a responsibility to maintain discipline, protect the safety, security, and welfare of its students, staff, and visitors while at the same time safeguarding district facilities, vehicles, and equipment. As part of fulfilling this responsibility, the board authorizes the use of video/audio surveillance cameras, automatic identification technology, data compilation devices, and technology capable of tracking the physical location of district equipment, students, and/or personnel. 

The placement of video/audio surveillance cameras shall be based on the presumption and belief that students, staff and visitors have no reasonable expectation of privacy anywhere on or near school property, facilities, vehicles, or equipment, with the exception of places such as rest rooms or dressing areas where an expectation of bodily privacy is reasonable and customary. 

Signs shall be posted on campus buildings and in district vehicles to notify students, staff, and visitors that video cameras may be in use. Parents and students shall also be notified through the student handbook that cameras may be in use in school buildings, on school grounds and in school vehicles. Students will be held responsible for any violations of school discipline rules caught by the cameras and other technologies authorized in this policy. 

The district shall retain copies of video recordings until they are erased   which may be accomplished by either deletion or copying over with a new recording. Other than video recordings being retained under the provisions of this policy’s following paragraph, the district’s video recordings may be erased any time greater than 15 days after they were created.

Videos, automatic identification, or data compilations containing evidence of a violation of student conduct rules and/or state or federal law shall be retained until the issue of the misconduct is no longer subject to review or appeal as determined by board policy or student handbook any release or viewing of such records shall be in accordance with current law. 

Students who vandalize, damage, disable, or render inoperable (temporarily or permanently) surveillance cameras and equipment, automatic identification, or data compilation devices shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and referral to appropriate law enforcement authorities. 

All requests to view on-campus surveillance footage, involving disciplinary infractions, should be forwarded to the Director of Pupil Services.  Surveillance footage may be viewed at the discretion of the Director of Pupil Services. Copies of surveillance footage will not be released, unless subpoenaed by the Court.   

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Date Adopted: 8/15/15

Last Revised: