PCSSD - 4.47 Possession and use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

4.47 Possession and use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Students are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that respects the rights of others. Possession and use of any electronic device, whether district or student owned, that interferes with a positive, orderly classroom environment does not respect the rights of others and is expressly forbidden.

To protect the security of statewide assessments, no electronic device, as defined in this policy, shall be accessible by a student at any time during assessment administration unless specifically permitted by a student's individualized education program (IEP) or individual health plan; this means that when a student is taking an AESAA assessment, the student shall not have his/her electronic device in his/her possession. Any student violating this provision shall be subject to this policy's disciplinary provisions.

As used in this policy, “electronic devices” means anything that can be used to transmit or capture images, sound, or data.

Misuse of electronic devices includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Using electronic devices during class time in any manner other than specifically permitted by the classroom instructor;

  2. Permitting any audible sound to come from the device when not being used for reason #1 above;

  3. Engaging in academic dishonesty, including cheating, intentionally plagiarizing, wrongfully giving or receiving help during an academic examination, or wrongfully obtaining test copies or scores;

  4. Using the device to take photographs in areas where a general expectation of personal privacy exists, including, but not limited to locker rooms and bathrooms;

  5. Creating, sending, sharing, viewing, receiving, or possessing an indecent visual depiction of oneself or another person.

Use of an electronic device is permitted to the extent it is approved in a student’s (IEP) or it is needed in an emergency that threatens the safety of students, staff, or other individuals.

Before and after normal school hours, possession of electronic devices is permitted on the school campus. The use of such devices at school sponsored functions outside the regular school day is permitted to the extent and within the limitations allowed by the event or activity the student is attending.

A parent shall obtain approval from the student’s building principal before operating a student-tracking safety device at school or at a school-sponsored event if the device has recording or listen-in capability. The District requires the device’s recording and listen-in technology to be disabled while the device is on the campus or at the school-sponsored event because of student privacy concerns. The District prohibits unauthorized audio or visual recordings or transmission of audio or images of other students. The student’s parent shall agree in writing to the requirement for the device’s recording and listening-in technology to be disabled and that the District may prohibit future use of the device on campus or at a school-sponsored activity if it is determined that the device’s recording or listening-in capabilities were used in violation of this policy before the student safety tracking device may be on campus or at a school-sponsored event.

The student and/or the student’s parents or guardians expressly assume any risk associated with students owning or possessing electronic devices. Students misusing electronic devices shall have them confiscated. Confiscated devices may be picked up at the school’s administration office by the student’s parents or guardians. Students have no right of privacy as to the content contained on any electronic devices that have been confiscated. A search of a confiscated device shall meet the reasonable individualized suspicion requirements of Policy 4.32—Search, Seizure, and Interrogations.

Students who use school issued cell phones and/or computers for non-school purposes, except as permitted by the district’s Internet/computer use policy, shall be subject to discipline, up to and including suspension or expulsion. Students are forbidden from using school issued cell phones while driving any vehicle at any time. Violation may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

No student shall use any wireless communication device for the purposes of browsing the internet; composing or reading emails and text messages; or making or answering phone calls while driving a motor vehicle that is in motion and on school property. Violation may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension.

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Date Adopted:  06/01/14

Revised:  08/11/15

Revised:  10/16/17

Last Revised:  10/09/18