PCSSD - 4.4 Student Transfers

4.4 Student Transfers

The Pulaski County Special School District shall review and accept or reject requests for transfers, both into and out of the district, on a case by case basis at the July and December regularly scheduled board meetings.

The District may reject a nonresident’s application for admission if its acceptance would necessitate the addition of staff or classrooms, exceed the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or school building, or cause the District to provide educational services not currently provided in the affected school. The District shall reject applications that would cause it to be out of compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding desegregation.

Any student transferring from a school accredited by the Department of Education to a school in this district shall be placed into the same grade the student would have been in had the student remained at the former school. Any grades, course credits, and/or promotions received by a student while enrolled in the Division of Youth Services system of education shall be considered transferable in the same manner as those grades, course credits, and promotions from other accredited Arkansas public educational entities.

Any student transferring from a school that is not accredited by the Department of Education to a District school shall be evaluated by District staff to determine the student’s appropriate grade placement. A student transferring from home school will be placed in accordance with Policy 4.6—Home Schooling.

The Board of Education reserves the right, after a hearing before the Board, not to allow any person who has been expelled from another district to enroll as a student until the time of the person’s expulsion has expired.

Except as otherwise required or permitted by law, the responsibility for transportation of any nonresident student admitted to a school in this District shall be borne by the student or the student’s parents. The District and the resident district may enter into a written agreement with the student or student’s parents to provide transportation to or from the District, or both.

Cross Reference: 4.6—Home Schooling

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Date Adopted:  10/10/72

Last Revised: 8/16/18