PCSSD - 4.37 Emergency Drills

4.37 Emergency Drills

All schools in the District shall conduct fire drills at least monthly. Tornado drills shall also be conducted no fewer than three (3) times per year with at least one each in the months of September, January, and February. Students who ride school buses, shall also participate in emergency evacuation drills at least twice each school year.

The District shall annually conduct an active shooter drill and school safety assessment for all District schools in collaboration with local law enforcement and emergency management personnel. Students will be included in the drills to the extent that is developmentally appropriate for the age of both the students and grade configuration of the school.

Drills may be conducted during the instructional day or during non-instructional time periods.

Other types of emergency drills may also be conducted to test the implementation of the District's emergency plans in the event of an earthquake or terrorist attack that might include the use of biological or chemical agents. Students shall be included in the drills to the extent practicable. 

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Date Adopted: 10/10/72

Last Revised: 8/11/15

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00