PCSSD - 4.36 Student Illness/Accident

4.36 Student Illness/Accident

If a student becomes too ill to remain in class and/or could be contagious to other students, the principal or designee will attempt to notify the student’s parent or legal guardian. The student will remain in the school’s health room or a place where he/she can be supervised until the end of the school day or until the parent/legal guardian can check the student out of school. 

If a student becomes seriously ill or is injured while at school and the parent/legal guardian cannot be contacted, the failure to make such contact shall not unreasonably delay the school’s expeditious transport of the student to an appropriate medical care facility. The school assumes no responsibility for treatment of the student. When available, current, and applicable, the student’s emergency contact numbers and medical information will be utilized. Parents are strongly encouraged to keep this information up to date.

Date Adopted:  7/10/07

Last Revised:  8/11/15

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00