PCSSD - 4.19 Conduct to and from School and Transportation Eligibility

4.19 Conduct to and from School and Transportation Eligibility

School buses are operated by the Pulaski County Special School District as an accommodation to students and parents. Riding a bus is a privilege that must not be abused by daily bus riders or those only riding a bus for a field trip. The same appropriate behavior as expected at school is expected on the school bus. A student's failure to conform to acceptable standards of behavior and courtesy will result in his/her being subject to disciplinary action. Remember: Parents will be held financially responsible for damage to the inside/outside of the school bus.

Students and parents have the responsibility for knowing and agreeing to abide by bus riding regulations. Bus drivers have the responsibility for obeying all traffic laws and safety procedures, for supervising the behavior of students assigned to them, and for reporting to the school principal those acts of student conduct which are contrary to law, school regulations, or jeopardize the health and safety of persons riding the bus. Principals have the responsibility for acting promptly when acts of misconduct are reported by a bus driver and for proper notification to the student, parent and driver of his disposition of the case. Parents have the responsibility for providing student transportation to and from school when suspension of bus privileges becomes necessary.

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A.C.A. § 6-19-119 (b)
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Date Adopted: 3/8/83

Last Revised: 3/16/15

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00