PCSSD - 4.17 Student Discipline

4.17 Student Discipline

The Pulaski County Special School District Board of Education has a responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the District’s students and employees. To help maintain a safe environment conducive to high student achievement, the Board establishes policies necessary to regulate student behavior to promote an orderly school environment that is respectful of the rights of others and ensures the uniform enforcement of student discipline. Students are responsible for their conduct that occurs: at any time on the school grounds; off school grounds at a school sponsored function, activity, or event; going to and from school or a school activity.

The District’s administrators may also take disciplinary action against a student for off-campus conduct occurring at any time that would have a detrimental impact on school discipline, the educational environment, or the welfare of the students and/or staff. A student who has committed a criminal act while off campus and whose presence on campus could cause a substantial disruption to school or endanger the welfare of other students or staff is subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. Such acts could include, but are not limited to a felony or an act that would be considered a felony if committed by an adult, an assault or battery, drug law violations, or sexual misconduct of a serious nature. Any disciplinary action pursued by the District shall be in accordance with the student’s appropriate due process rights.

The District’s student discipline policies shall be distributed to each student during the first week of school each year and to new students upon their enrollment. Each student’s parent or legal guardian shall sign and return to the school an acknowledgement form documenting that they have received the policies.

It is required by law that the principal or the person in charge report to the police any incidents the person has personal knowledge of or has received information leading to a reasonable belief that a person has committed or threatened to commit an act of violence or any crime involving a deadly weapon on school property or while under school supervision. If the person making the report is not the Superintendent, that person shall also inform the Superintendent of the incident. Additionally, the principal shall inform any school employee or other person who initially reported the incident that a report has been made to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The Superintendent or designee shall inform the Board of Directors of any such report made to law enforcement.

Legal References:  
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Date Adopted: 3/8/1983

Last Revised: 4/1/2015

Manual Adoption: 9/11/84