PCSSD - 4.15 Contact With Students While at School

4.15 Contact With Students While at School


Parents wishing to speak to their children during the school day shall register first with the office.


If there is any question concerning the legal custody of the student, the custodial parent shall present documentation to the principal or the principal’s designee establishing the parent’s custody of the student. It shall be the responsibility of the custodial parent to make any court ordered “no contact” or other restrictions regarding the non-custodial parent known to the principal by presenting a copy of a file-marked court order. Without such a court order on file, the school will release the child to either of his/her parents. Non-custodial parents who file with the principal a date-stamped copy of current court orders granting unsupervised visitation may eat lunch, volunteer in their child’s classroom, or otherwise have contact with their child during school hours and the prior approval of the school’s principal. Such contact is subject to the limitations outlined in Policy 4.16, Policy 6.5, and any other policies that may apply.

Arkansas law provides that, in order to avoid continuing child custody controversies from involving school personnel and to avoid disruptions to the educational atmosphere in the District’s schools, the transfer of a child between his/her custodial parent and non-custodial parent, when both parents are present, shall not take place on the school’s property on normal school days during normal hours of school operation. The custodial or non-custodial parent may send to/drop off the student at school to be sent to/picked up by the other parent on predetermined days in accordance with any court order provided by the custodial parent or by  a signed agreement between both the custodial and non-custodial parents that was witnessed by the student’s building principal. Unless a valid no-contact order has been filed with the student’s principal or the principal’s designee, district employees shall not become involved in disputes concerning whether or not that parent was supposed to pick up the student on any given day.


State Law requires that Department of Human Services employees, local law enforcement, or agents of the Crimes Against Children Division of the Department of Arkansas State Police may interview students without a court order for the purpose of investigating suspected child abuse. In instances where the interviewers deem it necessary, they may exercise a “72-hour hold” without first obtaining a court order. Except as provided below, other questioning of students by non-school personnel shall be granted only with a court order directing such questioning, with permission of the parents of a student (or the student if above eighteen (18) years of age), or in response to a subpoena or arrest warrant. 

If the District makes a report to any law enforcement agency concerning student misconduct or if access to a student is granted to a law enforcement agency due to a court order, the principal or the principal’s designee shall make a good faith effort to contact the student’s parent, legal guardian, or other person having lawful control by court order, or person acting in loco parentis identified on student enrollment forms. The principal or the principal’s designee shall not attempt to make such contact if presented documentation by the investigator that notification is prohibited because a parent, legal guardian, person having lawful control of the student, or person standing in loco parentis is named as an alleged offender of the suspected child maltreatment. This exception applies only to interview requests made by a law enforcement officer, an investigator of the Crimes Against Children Division of the Division of Arkansas State Police, or an investigator or employee of the Department of Human Services.

In instances other than those related to cases of suspected child abuse, principals must release a student to either a police officer who presents a subpoena for the student, or a warrant for arrest, or to an agent of state social services or an agent of a court with jurisdiction over a child with a court order signed by a judge. Upon release of the student, the principal or designee shall give the student’s parent, legal guardian, person having lawful control of the student, or person standing in loco parentis notice that the student has been taken into custody by law enforcement personnel or a state’s social services agency. If the principal or designee is unable to reach the parent, he or she shall make a reasonable, good faith effort to get a message to the parent to call the principal or designee, and leave both a day and an after-hours telephone number.  

Contact by Professional Licensure Standards Board Investigators

Investigators for the Professional Licensure Standards Board may meet with students during the school day to carry out the investigation of an ethics complaint.



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Date Adopted:  3/16/15

Revised:  10/16/17

Last Revised:  6/26/19