PCSSD - 2.1P: Duties of the Superintendent

2.1P: Duties of the Superintendent

The Superintendent, as the chief executive officer of the Board and the school system, shall be the administrative head of all departments in the District. The Superintendent shall be responsible to the Pulaski County Special School District Board of Education for administering the school system according to the mandates of the laws, Arkansas Department of Education, other agencies of jurisdiction, and policies governing school operations. While the Superintendent may delegate his/her duties when and where necessary and appropriate, he/she shall be responsible to the Board for the results of those duties delegated.

The Superintendent shall be the Ex officio financial secretary as provided for in A.C.A. § 6-17-918(a).

The Superintendent’s duties include:

  1. Implementing the policies of the Board, maintain a set of written policies and procedures for the guidance of the school system and interpret them to the staff and community;
  2. Being responsible for the planning and implementation of an educational program in accordance with State and Federal requirements and the needs of the District;
  3. Reporting to the Board concerning the status of the educational program, personnel, and operations, and making recommendations for improving instruction, activities, services, and facilities;
  4. Acting as a liaison between the Board and school personnel;
  5. Making recommendations to the Board concerning personnel employment, discipline, and termination;
  6. Communicating the District’s vision, mission, current status, and needs to staff, students, parents, and the community;
  7. Being responsible for the development of short- and long-term goals for the District;
  8. Preparing and presenting an annual budget for the District to the Board for its consideration;
  9. Administering the District’s budget and regularly reporting to the Board on the financial condition of the District;
  10. Attending and participating in all meetings of the Board except when his employment is being considered;
  11. Preparing, in consultation with the Board President, the agenda for all Board meetings;
  12. Being responsible for the planning and implementation of an effective personnel evaluation system that is aligned with the goals of the District; and
  13. Maintaining the current knowledge of developments in curriculum and instruction, as well as pertinent legal changes, and advising the professional staff and Board of such information.
  14. The Superintendent will prepare and present to the public and the Board a comprehensive annual report which will summarize the curriculum, special programs and services provided by the District. The report will provide additional information of importance to the community on school operations and District needs. The time of presentation and the format of the annual report will be at the discretion of the Superintendent.
  15. Assume other duties as assigned by the Board.


Date Adopted:  10/10/72

Revised: 12/14/82

Last Revised: 11/14/17

Legal References: School Laws of Arkansas 6-12-108; 6-13-621; 6-17-301

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00