PCSSD - 1.8: Governance by Policy

1.8: Governance by Policy

The district shall operate within the legal frameworks of the State and Federal Constitutions, and appropriate statutes, regulations, and court decisions. The legal frameworks governing the district shall be augmented by policies adopted by the board of directors which shall serve to further define the operations of the district.

When necessitated by unforeseen circumstances, the Superintendent shall have the power to decide and take appropriate action for an area not covered by the legal frameworks or a policy of the Board. The Superintendent shall inform the members of the Board of such action. The Board shall then consider whether it is necessary to formulate and adopt a policy to cover such circumstances.

The official copy of the policy manual for the District shall be kept in the Superintendent’s office. Copies of the manual within the District shall be kept current, but if a discrepancy occurs between manuals, the Superintendent’s version shall be regarded as authoritative.

Administrative regulations shall be formulated to implement the intentions of the policies of the Board.  Regulations may be highly specific. The Board shall review administrative regulations prior to their implementation.


Date Adopted: 10/13/72

Revised: 7/13/82

Last Revised:  11/14/17