PCSSD - 1.6: Board Member Voting

1.6: Board Member Voting

Establishment of a Quorum

A quorum of the Board is a majority of the membership of the Board. No vote or other board action may be taken unless there is a quorum present. A Board member must be physically present at a meeting to be counted toward establishing a quorum or to be eligible to vote. A majority of the quorum voting affirmatively is necessary for the passage of any motion. A quorum must be physically present for a board to enter executive session.

Voting and failure to vote

All Board members, including the President, shall vote on each motion, following a second and discussion of that motion.

Only those votes taken by the Board in open session are legally binding. No motion made or vote taken in executive session is legally binding, although a non-binding, unofficial and non-recorded vote may be taken in executive session to establish consensus or further discussion.

Abstentions from Voting

In order for a Board member to abstain from voting, he must declare a conflict and remove himself from the meeting room during the vote. A Board member who removes himself/herself from a meeting during a vote due to a conflict of interest shall not be considered present at the meeting for the purpose of establishing a quorum until the member returns to the meeting after the vote.


Legal Reference:     A.C.A. § 6-13-619

Date Adopted:  7/13/82

Revised:  9/11/84

Last Revised:  11/14/17