PCSSD - 1.31P: School Board Member Code of Ethics

1.31P: School Board Member Code of Ethics

The Board recognizes that its duties and responsibilities suggest rules of conduct suited to its obligations. Accordingly, the Board agrees that the ethical school board member will:

  1. Recognize the integrity of his predecessors and the merit or their work
  2. Realize that he owes primary allegiance to the educational welfare of the people, especially children, of his community
  3. Recognize that it is his responsibility, together with fellow board members, to see that the schools are properly operated—not to operate them himself
  4. Function as a part of a legislative, policy-making-body—not as an administrative officer
  5. Work through the administrative employees of the Board—not over or around them
  6. Recognize that, except in the case of executive session, Board business may be legally transacted only in a legally called, open meeting
  7. Consider unethical and will avoid secret sessions of the Board members held without the presence of the Superintendent
  8. Avoid using his position on the school board as a stepping-stone to political power
  9. Respect the rights of others to have and express opinions
  10. Recognize that authority rests with the Board in legal session—not with individual members of the Board except as authorized by law
  11. Make decisions in Board meetings only after all sides of debatable questions have been presented
  12. Discourage the use of standing committees and insist that all members of the Board participate fully in Board action and delegate details to administrative employees
  13. Insist that special committees be appointed to serve only in an investigating and advisory capacity
  14. Vote for an executive session of the Board when there is a need for one
  15. Refrain from discussing the confidential business of the Board outside of the legally constituted Board meeting



Adopted: 7/13/82

Manual Adoption: 2/8/00

Revised:  11/14/17