PCSSD - 1.20: Duties of the Legislative Liaison

1.20: Duties of the Legislative Liaison

The Board of Directors recognizes the needs of the District require the Board to take an active role in the legislative process as it relates to legislation affecting this district and public education in general. To aid the Board in this endeavor, the Board shall elect one of its members to hold the office of Legislative Liaison. The duties of the legislative liaison are to:

  • Be the primary contact person for legislative updates from the Arkansas School Boards Association (ASBA);
  • Keep the other members of the Board up to date on legislative issues;
  • Make arrangements for the legislators whose representation zones cover the District to be contacted by either the liaison him/herself or by another board member on pending issues that would impact the District.


Cross Reference:    1.2—Board Organization and Vacancies

Date Adopted:   11/14/17