PCSSD - 1.2: Board Organization and Vacancies

1.2: Board Organization and Vacancies

Election of Officers

The Board of the Pulaski County Special School District consists of seven (7) members elected from the zones in which they reside by the qualified voters of that zone. Each member is elected for a term of five (5) years. The Board shall elect a president, vice president, secretary, and legislative liaison at the first regular meeting following the later of:  the certification of the results of the annual school election; or if there is a runoff election, at the first regular meeting following the certification of the results of a run-off election. Officers shall serve one-year terms and perform those duties as prescribed by policy of the Board. The Board shall also elect through a resolution passed by a majority vote one of its members to be the primary board disbursing officer and may designate one or more additional board members as alternate board disbursing officers. A copy of the resolution will be sent to the county treasurer and to the director of the Department of Finance and Administration.


When the position of an officer of the board becomes vacant, the officer’s position shall be filled for the remainder of the year in the same manner as for the annual election of officers after the annual school election. Election of Board officers shall not occur except on a once per year basis or to fill an officer vacancy.



A vacancy shall exist on the Board if a board member:

  1. Moves his or her bona fide permanent residence outside the boundaries of the school district;
  2. Fails to physically attend three (3) consecutive regular meetings of the school district board of directors;
  3. Fails to physically attend six (6) regularly scheduled board meetings of the school board of directors in a calendar year;
  4. Fails to receive the mandatory hours of training within the statutory time period;
  5. Is convicted of a felony;
  6. Is called to active military duty;
  7. Has served a full-length term as a holdover and has not subsequently been elected to another term;
  8. Resigned from the school board of directors; or
  9. Dies.


If credible evidence of a vacancy existing due to numbers 1 through 4 is presented to the president, vice president, or secretary of a school district board of directors, a majority of the members of the school district board of directors shall:

  • Vote on whether to appoint an independent investigator to investigate the credible evidence presented; and
  • Hold a hearing on the existence of a vacancy.


A vacancy does not exist for numbers 2, 3, and 4 if the reason for the member’s absences or failure to receive training is either:

  1. Military service of the board member; or
  2. Illness of the board member that is verified by a written sworn statement of the board member’s attending physician.


If a vacancy occurs on the board of directors, provided at least a quorum of the Board remains, the Board has thirty (30) days in which to appoint a successor to a vacated position on the Board. The successor must be registered to vote in the District and, if applicable, resides in the zone of the vacant position.  If less than a quorum of the Board remains or the Board fails to fill the vacancy within thirty (30) days of the vacancy, the position shall be filled by the county quorum court.


When a vacancy on the Board resulted from a board member’s failure to receive the required training within the statutory time period, the board shall not appoint the individual who failed to receive the required training to fill the vacancy.


Except for a temporary vacancy due to military service, an individual appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve until the annual school election following the appointment. An individual appointed to fill a temporary vacancy due to military service shall serve until either the Board member who has been called to active military service returns and notifies the Board secretary of his/her desire to resume service on the Board or the Board member's term expires. If a Board member's term expires while the board member is on active military duty, the board member may run for re-election; if re-elected, the re-elected Board member's temporary vacancy shall be filled again in the manner prescribed in this policy.


The secretary of the school district board of directors shall notify the county clerk of an appointment to the school district board of directors within five (5) days of the appointment being made. The notice shall include the name of the appointed board member and the expiration date of his or her term.


An individual appointed to fill a vacancy must submit proof of having received the oath of office to the county clerk before the individual may assume any duties.


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Adopted: 10/10/72

Last Revised:  2/1/18