PCSSD - 1.19: Board Member Length of Term and Holdovers

1.19: Board Member Length of Term and Holdovers

The District has seven (7) Board of Directors members. Each member is elected for a term of service not to exceed five (5) years. Members may be re-elected to serve consecutive terms so long as the member continues to meet the eligibility requirements for board service.

A board member remains in office until the member’s successor has been sworn into office. In the event a board member’s term of office has expired and no one is elected to replace the member, or the individual elected fails to receive the oath of office within the time set in statute, the board member becomes a "holdover" and is treated as having been re-elected to office for another term; Board members may only serve one term as a holdover and may be re-elected to the board at the expiration of his/her term. Consequently, should no individual be elected to the position at the expiration of the holdover term, the position shall be declared to be vacant and filled in accordance with Policy 1.2—Board Organization and Vacancies and Arkansas law. Board members not wishing to continue as a holdover may resign from office and the position is to be filled in accordance with Policy 1.2.

Cross Reference:    Policy 1.2— Board Organization and Vacancies

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Date Adopted:  3/8/66

Last Revised:  2/1/18