PCSSD - 1.14: Meeting Agenda

1.14: Meeting Agenda

The agenda guides the proceedings of the Board meeting. The Superintendent shall prepare the agenda with consultation from the Board President. Other members of the Board who desire to have an item placed on the monthly agenda may do so by contacting the Superintendent or, in writing, the Board President by the date established in this policy and the item will be duly considered for inclusion. 

The chairman of the PPC, or the chairman’s designee, shall be placed on the Board of Director's meeting agenda to make an oral presentation to the Board to address either a personnel policy proposed by the Board that the PPC committee has possessed for no less than ten (10) work days or a personnel policy that the PPC wishes to propose to the Board.

District patrons wishing to have an item placed on the Board meeting's agenda must submit their requests, in writing to the Superintendent1, at least five (5) days prior to the meeting of the Board. The written request must be sufficiently descriptive to enable the Superintendent and Board President to fully understand and evaluate its appropriateness to be an agenda item. Such requests may be accepted, rejected, or referred back to the individual for further clarification.

The Superintendent shall notify the Board President of all written requests to be placed on the agenda along with the Superintendent's recommendation concerning the request. No item shall be placed on the agenda that would operate to prejudice the Board concerning a student or personnel matter that could come before the Board for disciplinary or employment considerations or that is in conflict with other District policy or law.

Patrons who sign up for public comments or those whose written request to be placed on the meeting's agenda has been accepted shall have no more than three (3)  minutes to present to the board. The speaker shall limit his/her comments to the approved topic/issue or forfeit his/her right to address the Board. The members of the Board will listen to the patron's presentation, but shall not respond to the presenter during the meeting in which the presentation is made. The Board may choose to discuss the issue presented at a later meeting, but is under no obligation to do so.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for Board members receiving copies of the Agenda with all accompanying pertinent information at least two (2) days prior to the meeting.

This policy’s advance notice requirements do not apply to special or called board meetings.


Cross Reference:    1.9—Policy Formulation

Legal References: 

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Date Adopted:   3/8/66


  • 10/10/72
  • 1/9/73
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Last Revised:  11/14/17