PCSSD - 1.13: Superintendent/Board Relationship

1.13: Superintendent/Board Relationship

The Board’s primary responsibility is to develop, working collaboratively with the community, a vision and mission for the District. The Board formulates and adopts policies to achieve that vision and elects a Superintendent to implement its policies. The Board and the Superintendent and the relationship between them set the tone for the district to follow. The relationship is enhanced when both parties understand their roles and carry them out in an ethical and professional manner working to develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

The Superintendent and staff are responsible for administering the Board’s policies and will be held responsible for the effective administration and supervision of the District. The Superintendent is authorized to develop and implement administrative regulations to fulfill the Board’s policies, provided such regulations are consistent with the intent of the Board’s policies.


Date Adopted:  7/13/82

Last Revised:  11/14/17