Wilbur D. Mills University Studies High School

Mills University Studies High School offers students a challenge to learn and think by exploring their educational potential in a dynamic program unique to Arkansas public school education. The University Studies Scholars Program offers a wide selection of rigorous courses and learning experiences designed to meet the academic needs of the talented and gifted student. The goal of the program is to prepare young people to successfully meet the demands of the most selective colleges and universities.

The Scholars Program became part of the school in 1994. Mills’ excellence has been acclaimed by Newsweek magazine, which has included the school as one of the best high schools in the nation since 2000 when the magazine first began publishing a list. The program is a continuation of the specialty program, which beings at College Station Elementary School and continues to Fuller Middle School. However, Mills has many students who are successful and were not enrolled at the elementary or middle school level of the program.

The University Studies Scholar Program provides an activity-based, accelerated program in the core curriculum areas for earning college credit while still in high school. Pre-advanced placement courses are offered to help students gain the skills and knowledge needed for success in Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Additional courses such as microbiology, genetics and history of ideas go beyond AP courses to further extend learning.

Mills follows a college-style, eight-period schedule that allows for in-depth instruction in one and one-half hour classes. Students are presented more options with block scheduling. One- and one-half hour classes allow ample time for laboratory experiences and help prepare students for the college experience. Experienced teachers with extensive talented and gifted education and AP training meet regularly to ensure there is no overload on students with multiple AP courses. Mills offers an award-winning string orchestra program taught by professional symphonic musicians. In addition, the EAST lab, debate team, drama, Model U.N. and the Quiz Bowl team compliment the usual high school extracurricular opportunities.

Transportation to Mills University Studies High is provided to students in PCSSD. Students interested in enrolling should contact Duane Clayton, principal, at 501.490.5700, or Laura Shirley, director of Talented and Gifted Programs, at 501.234.2093.