Sylvan Hills Middle Math classes complete record number of Math lessons in DreamBox Challenge

Sylvan Hills Middle School Sixth-Grade Math Classes Completed Record Number of Math Lessons in the 2016 DreamBox Learning Math Challenge!

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In a math contest where participants completed over 2 million (at proficient level) math lessons in three weeks, Shanon Hum’s sixth-grade math classes at Sylvan Hills Middle School won first place in the Central Region (13 states) Dreambox Math Challenge by completing 4,586 lessons! The annual challenge consisted of encouraging math students to spend more time on math education during their extra time at home on their district issued Chromebooks.

Ms. Hum and Deric
Ms. Hum and Deric

Not only did 36 of Ms. Hum’s students take on the challenge, but one student in particular, Deric Williams, took the task and “ran with it.” Deric completed almost 300 math lessons in the three week period, which by tracking his hours on Chrome, amounted to over 100 hours at night he worked on the lessons. He used to struggle in math, but after this challenge, he now understands the lessons in the class and also credits his success to “having the best math teacher, Ms. Hum.”Ms. Hum’s students are now known as the Dream Team and Deric is their Dream King.

As a regional winner, the students received a math challenge pack that included t-shirts, bracelets and bags, as well as, a $100 gift card for a celebration party.  And since it “pays” to work hard in school, Deric received $50 from the school.

Because of their success in this challenge, DreamBox visited with Ms. Hum and wants to use SHMS as an example of how successfully their program works with students. What an awesome honor and representation SHMS will be to the nation on not only on how impactful the DreamBox Learning is, but shows the public how effective the use of Chromebooks and the district’s 1-to-1 utilization is.

 SHMS sixth grade math students

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