Medicaid Direct Service Claiming Notice

Dear Parents,

Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD) receives funding from the Medicaid Direct Service Claiming (DSC) program for Individualized Education Program (IEP)-covered services to eligible children through the State’s Medicaid agency. This is a state-approved program that allows PCSSD to receive reimbursement from federal funds for providing some health-related covered services to eligible children in our school system. Examples of covered services include speech therapy, personal care, audiology, and physical and occupational therapy.

We are required to notify you of our participation and the IDEA regulations stated here. PCSSD, working with the State Medicaid agency, will need to determine if your child is eligible or should become eligible in the school-based Medicaid program. Your written consent indicates that you understand and agree that the District will submit your child’s information to the State Medicaid agency and their authorized agencies to verify eligibility and submit claims for the DSC program.

The school may use Medicaid benefits in which a child participates to provide or pay for services documented in the IEP. Parents are not required to sign up for or enroll in Medicaid to receive IEP services or a free appropriate public education, nor are they responsible for any out of pocket expenses for these IEP services. Also, PCSSD’s access to these benefits is not allowed if it would have a negative impact on your public insurance. We will provide the required services to your child at no cost to you whether or not you grant your written consent. Your consent is voluntary and may be revoked at any time.

PCSSD’s use of this reimbursement program does not in any way affect or impact other Medicaid benefits to which the child is entitled, including any otherwise eligible services outside of school. Coordination of services between PCSSD and private providers will be required to prevent duplication of same day services.

Thank you,
Jenny Dunn Special Education, Director